Why ACE In Math Tuition Centre

  • Our teachers here impart not just knowledge but passion in Mathematics
  • Believe that every child is an unpolished diamond that will shine the brightest with the right method of polishing.
  • Plenty of interactions and discussions for brainstorming than a typical monotonous lesson. Your child’s 2 hours will feel like an hour here!
  • We have teachers who had previously taught in a prestigious school and they get consistent updates of the latest scheme of work from school from their own resources. The flow of the teaching of topics follows the order of schools and is aligned closely to the scheme of work of public schools.
  • Provides regular assessments after the completion of topics to close gaps of learning

Key Features of Our Curriculum

  • Provides regular assessments after the completion of topics to close gaps of learning
Relevant to the School Syllabus

Our lesson materials are closely crafted to the standard of schools in Singapore. Ace in Math follows the syllabus very closely to the requirements of the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Nurtures the Curiosity to Learn

Challenge students with interesting questions to induce their curiosity in mathematics. Manipulative learning tools are provided to enhance their learning experiences for the best result of understanding.

Hones Exam Skills and Performance

Provides pre examination (Weighted Assessment, Continual Assessment, Mid-Year Examination and Final Year Examination) for your child to gage official school result.

Looking for tuition in Ang Mo Kio? We have the best Math tuition centre in Ang Mo Kio. You are at the right place! Ace in Math is a Math tuition centre located at Ang Mo Kio, just a few minutes away from AMK Hub and Ang Mo Kio MRT station. It is in an easily accessible location with MRT and many public buses located nearby. No matter where you stay, you can get to this Math tuition centre conveniently.

We are one of the tuition centres in Ang Mo Kio that provides and focuses purely on Mathematics. At Ace in Math, we provide a series of math tuition ranging from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. We aim to develop confident and successful learners through a variety of strategies. We firmly believe in the teaching philosophy of involving students in their learning.

If you are looking for Math tuition at Ang Mo Kio area, do not hesitate to contact us. Our well experienced tutors will definitely help you to excel in your Mathematics.

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Based on the learning pyramid, students’ involvement is very important in order to have better learning retention. There is no doubt that the traditional ways of teaching such as lecture, reading, audiovisual and demonstration are very important in the explanation of concepts. However, all these are passive teaching methods. The participatory teaching methods such as peer discussions, practice by doing and even teaching peers will be used in the class. We focus on conceptual understanding, skills proficiency and mathematical processes.  Their problem-solving skills and analytical thinking skills will therefore be developed.

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