Should You Choose a Tuition Centre or Home Tuition For Your Child?

Should You Choose a Tuition Centre or Home Tuition For Your Child? October 22, 2021

A common question many parents have asked us is whether they should send their child to a tuition centre or opt for home tuition. Is it better to sign up at our Ang Mo Kio tuition centre or engage one of our private tutors for home tuition? Well, let’s look at the difference between the two and consider which is best for your child.

All About Tuition Centres

Tuition classes often take place in a centralised environment. At our Ang Mo Kio tuition centre, our tuition classes typically consist of one tutor conducting a class of several students.

Pros of Tuition Centres

It is often said that the best way to learn is to teach others. In the group setting of a tuition centre, your child will have ample opportunities to reinforce their knowledge with their peers. Social interaction can also help to keep the monotony out of an otherwise dry concept, especially with young students.

It can also be easier to verify your tutor’s credentials and qualifications from a tuition centre, rather than by word-of-mouth. Tuition centres often display each tutor’s achievements and their students’ past results in easily accessible places, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether the tutor you are considering is right for your child.

Cons of Tuition Centres

Unfortunately, tuition classes are not for everyone. Some students go for tuition because they have difficulty following lessons in school. However, this is sometimes because the student’s learning style does not fit that of a classroom. For example, some students learn better by doing hands-on work, or having a dedicated tutor to guide them through each step. If these students are unable to perform at their full capacity in a classroom setting, they will not get the maximum benefit out of tuition classes either.

Additionally, each student’s experience in a tuition class often depends on their classmates. If their classmates are noisy or unfocused, chances are they will not be able to concentrate fully on the lesson. On the other hand, if the tuition classmates are learning at a different pace from your child, they may also fall out of pace and be unable to make full use of the tuition sessions. If you are concerned about quality sessions for your child, home tuition may be a safer option.

All About Home Tuition

Compared to tuition classes at our tuition centre in Ang Mo Kio, many students describe the home tuition experience as a more personal one. Home tuition usually takes place in a one-on-one setting, with one tutor dedicating the entire session to coaching a single student.

Pros of Home Tuition

Naturally, one of the biggest reasons why parents would opt for home tuition is the quality of attention given to the student. Since home tuition classes are mostly one-on-one, the tutor would spend more time coaching the child compared to a tuition class setting, where the tutor’s attention is usually divided among the many other students in the class.

Home tuition also saves on your child’s commute to and from the tuition centre. Instead of having to travel all the way to our Ang Mo Kio tuition centre, you can instead rest at home and wait for the home tutor to arrive, giving your child more time to study after class.

Cons of Home Tuition

However, although home tuition affords your child more quality time to focus on their studies, it can also deprive your child of the benefits of attending a tuition class. Amidst the monotony of drilling exam concepts and practices, the highlight of a tuition session for many students is the opportunity to interact with their friends. Not only do students get to enjoy the company of their peers while understanding difficult concepts, they can also learn from one another and boost their knowledge to greater heights.

Additionally, personalised home tuition may be more expensive than group tuition classes because you would be bearing the full costs of the tutor and their travel expenses, instead of splitting the costs among each student in the class. Some tutors may also charge a higher rate for private, one-on-one tuition compared to group tuition at a centre, since private tuition rates are not regulated. Generally, the more experienced and popular the tutor is, the higher the rates they will charge. In contrast, classes at tuition centres may be more economically affordable because they tend to charge the same fee for the same level and subject, regardless of the tutor – not to mention that multiple students would be sharing the fee, thus lowering it.

Which Should You Pick?

When it comes to tuition centres versus home tuition, the ultimate choice all depends on which one your child is more comfortable with. For instance, if your child learns better in a one-to-one setting, you may want to go for home tuition. Or if tuition fees are a concern, you may be leaning towards tuition centre classes. The good news is here at our tuition centre in Ang Mo Kio, we offer classes in small-size tuition groups that promise both quality and affordability, allowing your child to enjoy the best of both worlds!

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