How to Raise your Child’s Maths Grades

How to Raise your Child’s Maths Grades November 2, 2021

Everyone wants their child to do well in school, and a great way to help them succeed is by providing education at home. Whether your child is struggling with maths or simply needs extra practice, you can easily supplement their schooling without the use of expensive tutors. The following tips will provide some advice on how to improve your child's math grades using simple educational tools that are available online.

This blog post will cover three easy ways to boost your kid's performance in maths classes. By following these tips, you can ensure that your son or daughter has a better experience at school and excels in academics as well as other activities.

Make math a priority

Of course we want our children to do well in all subjects. Inherently, however, certain students may excel in other subjects. For those students who need additional focus in maths, math will need to consciously become a priority they need to put effort in, to make up for their inherent abilities to grasp the subject.

Students should practice a little bit of math every day to hone their skills; instead of studying for five hours on a Saturday, it is better if they study half an hour to one hour of maths every day across the week to ensure that their brains are engaged and used to thinking about maths.

Encourage your child to ask questions when they don't understand something in class, at home, or at the tuition centre. In Singapore, students very rarely raise their hands to ask questions in front of their classmates, but since it is important to be able to ask questions, encourage your child to find a different way to get their answers. It can be as simple as looking up the answers online, or asking their teachers during math tuition in Singapore. One on one remedial lessons with their teachers can also be arranged if your child is inclined.

Keep track of your child's progress by keeping up-to-date records on paper or using an app such as ClassDojo which tracks academic performance over time, or a simple tracking system of their grades over time. Parents typically only focus on their children's performance during major exams such as the SA1 or SA2 exams, but it's much, much more imperative to observe your child's progress with class assignments over time. In this way, you know which aspects your child is weak in, and can adjust curricula to reinforce weak spots.

Ensure your child is fulfilling their other needs

Fortunately, your child is also a human being and requires the same needs other human beings do. Make sure their physical needs are fulfilled: are they sleeping well? Are they eating well? Are they active and healthy otherwise?

Sleeping is important for the brain to clear out the day's waste. Eating is important so the body can get nutrition and energy to operate. Activity and health is an important method with which brain function can be improved. A child who has all three fulfilled has a better chance of retaining information during A math tuition in Singapore than they would if they were sleep-deprived, hungry, and weak.

Similarly, humans are social creatures and need to spend time with their friends. This frequently takes the form of going out, playing games, or engaging in other activities together. Many parents combine physical and social activities, and encourage their children to go camping or hiking with friends on top of watching movies and playing video games.

Lastly, ensure that they are spending time and receiving affection from family members. Celebrate milestones together - have cake when they finish reading books or reach certain milestones in maths classes. Offer incentives for good grades and demonstrate your pride in your child's achievements!

If necessary, get professional help from a tutor or tutor service who specialises in math for students

It has been some time for most parents since they studied primary, secondary, JC, or university maths. For those in certain industries, some concepts may be used, but others are frequently forgotten or may have changed since you were in school.

It makes sense for most students to get math tuition in Singapore because these teachers are experts. Some parents hire private tutors and others send their children to tuition centres. Others will combine this method and organise small-group tuition between students on their own, where the fees of a private tutor are paid by 2-3 families; in this way, private tutoring can be achieved to some extent with limited expenses as well. This is especially common for A-maths tuition in Singapore, since A-maths can be a notoriously difficult subject for students to do well in.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to make sure that we are providing for all of the needs of our children. If you suspect your child is struggling with math (or any other subject), don't ignore their need and assume they will "get better." Instead, take action by looking into additional resources like hiring a tutor or making time in the schedule to work on these subjects together as a family. You may also consider enrolling them in an after-school program where they could receive personalized attention from experts trained specifically to help kids excel at math. The bottom line? We can't expect our children's teachers alone to provide everything necessary if we want them to be successful learners now and throughout life!

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