What Can You Expect From Our Classes?

Lesson Materials that Help Your Child Understand Our World

We take topics form the school syllabus and make them easy to understand for your child by using real world examples.

For example, if your child is learning about Volume, we use a simple infographic with images, colours and diagrams. We feature objects like soup cans or packet drinks to help them understand the volume of something as large as a shipping containter.

It’s lessons like these that will capture your child’s imagination and make theoretical concepts easy to understand.

Activities & Practices that Help Your Child Continually Improve

Each week, we refresh the curriculum to include games, group work, discussions and questioning techniques to keep lessons upbeat and engaging.

Whether it’s about mastering a new topic or learning how to be rise above any challenge in the subject, we believe that your child needs the right support to keep making progress and achieve new personal bests, every single time.

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