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Mathematics is a core subject in MOE Curriculum. After learners develop a holistic understanding of the subject, they will become mathematically competent and have greater sense of logic, which they can apply to everyday situations. Mathematics is not only a subject on its own, the concepts and skills learnt also provides support for other subjects.

Looking for secondary math tuition Singapore? You have come to the right place. In Ace in Math, our experienced tutors are able to guide the students in a very engaging way, helping students to build confidence and develop interests in Mathematics. We offer comprehensive E Math tuition Singapore programmes starting with lower Secondary where our focus is to develop their thinking, reasoning and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving.

At upper Secondary, we offer O level math tuition Singapore programme. In this programme, we prepare students for the GCE O Level Math where our focus is to develop conceptual understanding and examination skills. Our Math curriculum was designed based on the MOE syllabus and aligned with SEAB requirements. A good pass in O Level Math tuition together with your other subjects will certainly enhance your chance to qualify for your choice course in Polytechnic as well as qualification for Junior College education.

Ace in Math is a math tuition centre located at Ang Mo Kio, just a few minutes away from AMK Hub.

What do you expect:

Our weekly 2-hour sessions focus on helping students clarify doubts, using interesting and engaging ways to teach new concepts, achieving proficiency through practices that include repetition and variation. With the small class size, our tutors can better understand students’ learning needs and provide customized support to them. Our student-centered approach allows our tutors to determine the most effective way to cater to the different learning needs of each individual. ICT tools are used to collect feedback and enable our students to visualise abstract concepts. We cannot say that we are the best secondary Maths tuition Singapore, however, we will definitely do our best to help our students. We believe that students’ participation in class for their learning is extremely important. Instead of giving answers directly, our tutors lead the students to explore, investigate and find the answer on their own. Our head tutor Kevin is extremely sharp in identifying student’s ability and their common errors. He asks his students to reflect on what they learn after each topic and gives real life examples and problems to analyse. He identifies small commonly neglected areas for students to obtain their rightful method mark. For advanced questions, he meticulously breaks down the problem to help weaker students to cope and manage with their understanding. With his passions and experiences, Kevin will definitely lead the students to Ace in Math.

Mathematics is the subject that students can get A1 easily. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require our help. Attend our e math tuition, our experienced tutor will advise you on your weakness through diagnostic assessment, help you understand the concepts and excel in your O level A Math.

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