Primary Math Tuition in Singapore


Our Math curriculum was designed based on the MOE syllabus and strictly aligned with SEAB requirements. Thinking skills and heuristics are both important for mathematical problem-solving. Thinking skills can be used in the processes, such as comparing, analyzing parts and whole, identifying patterns and relationships, generalizing, and spatial visualization. Usually, we use heuristics to tackle problems when the solution is not obvious. Our primary math tuition Singapore programmes are comprehensive to train our students in both thinking skills and heuristics.

Primary Math Tuition in Singapore

For lower primary, we focus on building student’s interest and confidence in primary math. Thus, there will be lots of manipulative tools used and real-life applications in the lessons. Our experienced tutors usually try as much as possible to keep lessons fun and engaging. To let students have a better understanding of the concept, we have many experiential learning activities in the class. In the course of learning, our primary math tuition programs help your child to develop thinking skills and problem-solving skills. Here are some examples used to help students grasp concepts:

Process skills are used in learning and applying mathematical knowledge. The teaching of process skills is integrated with the learning of concepts and skills. At P3 & P4 level, students are exposed to heuristics and use problem-solving approaches in class. Let us help you grasp the heuristics such as Modeling, Before and After, Guess and Check, Making a supposition etc. Our experienced tutor will demonstrate the new concept by making thinking visible.

At Primary 5 & 6, we offer PSLE maths tuition Singapore programme. This programme prepares students for the PSLE Math examination where our focus is to develop conceptual understanding and examination skills. We also teach and ensure that students are consistently reminded to present their work according to the requirements of the examination so as to prevent themselves from scoring either a fluke or error in mathematical statement (EMS) that will cost them their marks during the examination. The student will be taught on common mistakes and what they could do to avoid such unnecessary mistakes. Method marks will be awarded base on the students ability to show their critical thinking in word problems, our tutors will share with them on how they could potentially gain or lose method marks and the standard requirements by the SEAB.

What to expect:

Our weekly 2-hour session focuses on helping students clarify doubts, using interesting and engaging ways to teach new concepts, achieving proficiency through practices, which includes repetition and variation. With the small class size, our primary maths tutor can better understand students’ learning needs and provide customised support to them. Our student-centred approach allows our tutors to determine the most effective way to cater for different learning needs of each individual. ICT tools are used to collect feedback and enable our students to visualise the abstract concepts. We will not say that we are the best math tuition centre in Singapore, however, we will definitely do our best to help our students achieve their goals. We believe that student’s participation in class for their learning is extremely important. Instead of giving answers directly, our tutors lead the students to explore, investigate and find the answer on their own. Our Primary head tutor Eddyson is a very experienced teacher and private tutor, with more than 8 years of teaching experience. He is able to assess student and identify learning gaps, close those gaps and customize the teaching materials and provide effective feedback to students.

As an experienced educator, Eddyson is very sharp and able to look for details. His questioning skills enable him to scaffold learning and probe understanding. This is an important asset as he is able to correct misconception of Mathematics and reinforce teaching point or expand on an idea. Thus, he often integrates assessment into his teaching to provide additional learning experiences for students.

With the rich experience in school and private tutoring, Eddyson will definitely improve your result.

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